Milagro 1000mg CBD Oil


(1000mg) Milagro CBD Oil is filtered and cold-pressed from organically grown European hemp, keeping vital CBD, CBG and phytocannabinoids intact. Smooth and great tasting!

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Milagro Pure CBD Oil is a cold pressed, filtered CBD oil using the best organically grown, European hemp. We then distil and winterise the hemp liquid resulting in a CBD oil that is pure, smooth, highly palatable and most importantly, packed full of the vital phytocannabinoids cannabidiol(CBD) and cannabigerol(CBG).

The health benefits provided by CBD oils dependent entirely on the quality of the oil, thus Milagro monitors every step of production meticulously to ensure the purest of CBD oils:

THE HEMP: We exclusively work with Bio-certified growers to supply the hemp used in our products. Our growers only employ organic methods in the production of their crop and bar the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and artificial growth hormones. They have also bred a plant that is higher in CBD compounds than regular hemp plants.

THE PRODUCTION PROCESS: First, we utilise the cold pressing process because it creates a more consistent and palatable oil, and it is far safer and less toxic than traditional fossil fuel-based extraction methods. Next, we distil the oil two times: first to remove terpenes and second to remove lipids, bacteria, mould and any solvents to create an odourless, high value CBD oil.

Thirdly, we winterize the oil which crystallises and removes fats and waxes to avoid clouding the oil at cooler temperatures. Lastly, we dilute the oil to ensure that it doesn’t have an unpleasant taste and its rich mossy flavour shines through.

Our CBD oils are 100% natural, organic and lab tested for CBD content, other cannabinoids, any contaminants, dangerous bacteria, mould and funguses to ensure safety and quality.

CONTENTS: Contains 10 ml. Contains CBD and CBG. 500mg of CBD.

USAGE: One drop, up to 10 times per day. Take on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating to for maximum absorption.

INGREDIENTS: Organic hemp seed oil, CBD.

STORAGE: Refrigerate, or store in a cool dark place.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: CBD is non-psychoactive. Our CBD oils are free of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana. Our CBD E-Liquid is legal in Europe and the USA, our products are food supplements only and not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. We make NO MEDICAL CLAIMS.

All of our products are kosher and vegan friendly, as well as gluten and lactose free.

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